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All businesses are relationship businesses!

One of the most powerful and cost effective ways that you can keep your company name in front of your customers and prospects is to offer a newsletter.

Not the kind of newsletter that you typically see filling your inbox everyday. You know the kind I am talking about. . . the kind that are uninvited or the kind that are just a big advertisement for a company's product or service.

Your customers and prospects will look forward to your newsletter if you offer ways to make their lives better whether or not they use your product or service. Your newsletter should position you as a thought leader and expert in your industry. It should share a little bit of your personality so that your customers and prospects get to know you and it should show them that you care about them. People like to do business with people that they like and your newsletter will build and strengthen your relationship with them. This will help you develop customer loyalty, turn prospects into customers and get more referrals. 

I have heard the quote "All businesses are relationship businesses" so many times that I do not know who to attribute it to but it really says it all. If you are not already taking advantage of the power of newsletters, contact me today and I will help you determine which one of the packages below make sense for your business.



The Bronze package is our private label package and is a great way to offer a newsletter to your customers and prospects quickly and inexpensively. Your newsletter will be customized with your logo, colors and a personal greeting from you and will include links to great articles, posts and resources that offer value to your customers and prospects. We take care of all of the details and you get a valuable customer asset.

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The Silver package is our mid-level package. It will have a customized look and will include unique articles provided just for your company. All articles are submitted by you and we use the magic of editing to make your content shine!

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The Gold package is a totally customized newsletter that will look high end and include customized articles researched and written just for your company by our team.

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